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Talagang Tehsil is a subdivision (tehsil) of Chakwal District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The tehsil, which is headquartered at the city of Talagang, is administratively subdivided into 23 Union Councils.Qaderpur is a well known village of tehsil Talagang due to the famious shrine of Baba shah and amma BB. It is located at 3255'0N 7225'0E and lies about 30 kilometres from the M2 motorway and about 45 kilometres from the district capital, Chakwal.Talagang Tehsil contains 102 villages. Some of the villages near Talagang town are Qaderpur, Chinji, Adlaka, Jhatla, Lawa, Dhurnal, Pichnand, Dhok Dali, Baba Jassa Muhammad Hussain Mundial Dhok, Mogla, Dholar, Malakwal, Tamman, Akwal, Singwala, Bilalabad, Chokhandi,Dhulli,Bhagtal, Dhoak Goria, Pera Fatehal, Dhoak Kund,Gulshan-e-Barwal,Wanhar and dhoke musahib(GUL MALIK).

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People of Talagang will have access to clean drinking water for all day long along with the provision of other facilities at their doorstep....

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