Tehsil Municipal Administration Sillianwali

Historically speaking, Sillanwali is an old Town, which is located in south at a distance of 36 K.M away from Sargodha city. Originally it was established as Mandi in 1902 & a Railway Station was established in 1905. Regarding its name it is generally believed & it also seems plausible that there existed a well (khooh) near Farooka railway crossing, and number of stones surrounded the well. In Punjab word sill is used for stone and the well was called Sillanwali Khooh, hence it frew the name Sillanwali. Birth & Death Certificates issued in 1929-30 & 31, bear the word Qasba Sillanwali on them. A Police Station was established in 1907. Generally Sillanwali assumed the status of Municipal Committee in 1942 and in 1960 it got the status of Town Committee. Sillanwali assumed the status of Sub Division in 1996 and in 2001, after promulgation of New Local Government System Town Committee Sillanwali was designated as Tehsil Municipal Administration.

Mainstay of the economy of Tehsil is Agriculture. The land of Tehsil is irrigated by the Lower Jehlum Canal and its 25 distributaries.

Wooden Handi Craft Industry is the pride of Sillanwali. It is as old a profession as the establishment of this county. The wooden products amounting to Rs. 10 Million are exported to UAE & other Muslim countries every month from Sillanwali.    



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