Tehsil Municipal Administration

Sharaqpur Sharaqpur


Administrative Setup


Tehsil Shahraq Pur

Muhammad Arshad Bhatti

TMA Shahraq Pur is headed by (Muhammad Arshad Bhatti), Administrator TMA Shahraq Pur, joined as Administrator on (28-02-2014).


Tehsil Municipal Officer

Since: 12-07-2013     

Qualification:  B.Com

Total Service:  24 Years



Tehsil Officer (Finance)

Rafique Anwer

Since:             16-05-2011
Qualification: D.Com, B.A
Total Service: 31 Years

Tehsil Officer (Regulation)

Imran Danish
Since:                31-01-2014

Qualification:  B.A

Total Service:  24 Years


Tehsil Officer (Infrastructure & Services)


Muhammad Usman Khan

Since:               09-03-2012

Qualification: B.A, B.sc Civil Engg.

Total Service:  17 Years


Tehsil Officer (Planning)

Mudasra Waheed

Since:               06-12-2012
Qualification: MSc in City and Regional Planning.
Total Service: 01 Years


Computer Operator

Muhammad Muddassar Tufail

Since:            01-01-2012
Qualification: B.A
Total Service: 1 Years

Cell # 0324-4762203


TMA Organogram

Incumbency Statement

Schedule of Establishment

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