Tehsil Municipal Administration Sarai Alamgir

Sarai Alamgir is located in the south of Jhelum city across the river Jhelum. To the west of Sarai is the Bhimber city and in south is Lalamusa. Sarai Alamgir tehsil spreads over an area of 575 square kilometres with a population of 175, 288 (as per DCR 1998).

 Town is divided into two parts by the branch line of Pakistan Railway. There are three railway crossings in the town: Mirpur Bazar Crossing, Chapper Road Crossing and Under Pass Crossing. Mirpur Bazar Crossing is the main level crossings and bears maximum traffic load as it is located in the centre of the town

 The district takes its name from the head quarter town of Gujrat. This town grew up around a fort established by the emperor Akbar in AD 1580 with the help of Gujjar inhabitants of the neighbouring areas. Its shape is roughly that of a parallelogram. It forms the northern most portion of the Chaj Doaba lying between the Jhelum and Chenab rivers.

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