Tehsil Municipal Administration Sarai Alamgir

Administrative Setup

The Tehsil Municipal Administration is a body corporate and consists of the Tehsil Nazim, Tehsil Municipal Officer, 4 Tehsil Officers and other officials of the Local Council Service and officials of the offices entrusted to the Tehsil Municipal Administration. A Tehsil Nazim is tjhe head of Tehsil Municipal Administration and exercises all functions and powers as have been assigned to him under the Ordinance. The Tehsil Municipal Officer is acting as coordinating and administrative officer in-charge of the Tehsil Officers. As the The Punjab government on Wednesday 24-02-2010 dissolved local governments (LGs) in the province and appointed administrators in place of Nazims to hold local bodies elections in 180 days on party basis after introducing a new law within 30 days.



M. Shoaib Nissoana

Qualification: Masters

Total Service: 6 Years

Contact: 0544-651812

TMA Sarai Alamgir is headed by Administrator appointed by the Local Government vide Notification No. SOR LG) 39-6/2008 dated 24-02-2010.


Tehsil Municipal Officer

Umer Shuja

Since:   01-04-2015

Qualification: Graduation

Total Service: 11 Years

Contact: 0544-652745




Tehsil Officer (Finance)



Tehsil Officer (Regulation)

Muhammad Fiaz

Since:   08-12-2014

Qualification: Graduation

Total Service: 12 Years

Contact: 0544-654262



Tehsil Officer (Infrastructure & Services)

Rana Shafqat Ullah

Since:    06-12-2013

Qualification: D.A.E

Total Service: 26 Years

Contact: 0544-654142




Tehsil Officer (Planning)



TMA Organogram

Schedule of Establishment

Incumbency Statement

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