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More History of Sangla Hill in Urdu


The tehsil of Sangla Hill is situated in the newly created district of Nankana Sahib and lies 103 km [64 miles] from the provincial capital of Lahore. The area has a population of more than 150, 00 Muslim Community, with around 10,000 of the population being Christian and Qadianees. Sangla hill city is surrounded by many villages whose residents are mostly Choudhries. kahloon.Mughal Other casts include Araein , Batalvi, and Bahtti. Most of these are the farmers from Sialkot. They migrated from district Sialkot in the year 1865 and after migration they took initiatives in eradication of jungles and made the land fit for agriculture. The city is surrounded by almost 109 villages. The city is the major market and economic hub of the area. Agriculture is one of the main sources of employment; the town has been a popular grain market for last 80 years as the town is located in a highly fertile area. The Rakh Branch canal passes near one side of the town and is an irrigation source; the canal passes areas of Salarwala Chak Jhumra and ends at Samundri.

Many people commute to work in cities such as Faisalabad or Lahore daily.
However the primary source of income comes from overseas Pakistanis, almost 50% houses in Sangla Hill have at least one person who has gone abroad. It is an historic town located at a height of 313m from sea level. The town has some very old buildings belonging to Hindu people who left them in place during the partition of 1947. A Hindu temple is still visible at the side of Salarwala Sangla Hill road just outside the main city. The chief feature and logical reason for the name of the town is a hill. The magnificent peak of this hill is visible from five miles. Three are two police stations, police station Sadar and City police station. The town also has 2 degree colleges, one for boys and one for girls. The whole city is built around the Main bazaar and the Committee bazaar which lie at the heart of the city and acts as the economic centre of the city. All the shops and Markets are situated here and it also acts as the primary source of Income. The Place has been very famous and different stories are famous about Alexander the Great visiting it and liking it. It is strange due to the presence of a lonely hill in it. This hill is strange because the land almost within 100km does not contain any hills and is a perfect plain. The city is 20km south-west of Shahkot and 35km North West of Sheikhupura.In the surrounding of Sangla Hill there are many villages, including Kotla: who has the reputation of providing a superior primary education. Historically, despite of limited resources, Kotla’s Primary School has produced some very bright students who have passed the Board Exams with the highest scores in the whole district; those students have been honored and recognized by the Punjab Board’s of Education by granting scholarships.


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