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Sambrial is an ancient city and occupies very important position due to the presence of dry port at the brink of the industrial hub of Sialkot. The town also has importance in this area because of newly constructed airport just adjacent to the city at its north. It has largest leather garment industry in Asia. It is also well known for the tanneries, paper mills, sports, and surgical instruments industry.

The area is irrigated by upper Chenab canal system enabling the growth of all cash crops and vegetables. Wheat and rice are the main crops. There is also dairy farming in the surrounding areas.

The town had a population of 49,574 persons as per 1998 Census with growth rate of 4.25 % pre annum. The annual growth rate is quite high as compared to other similar towns because of urbanization due to rapid growth of industry which produces jobs for people who then migrate from rural areas to urban locality. With this growth rate the town has a present population of 69,161 persons; with a decline in growth rate of 3.75% up to 2016 and 3.25% up to 2026, it will grow to 99,941 persons in the year 2016 and will have a population of 137,608 persons in the year 2026.

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People of Sambrial will have access to clean drinking water for all day long along with the provision of other facilities at their doorstep....

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