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Tehsil Municipal Administration Sahiwal (Sargodha)


Sahiwal is an ancient town. It was established during the reign of Emperor Sher Shah Soori. It is situated at a distance of 37 Kms. from Sargodha on Jhang-Sargodha road and is 5 Km. away from the left bank of Jhelum river. Previously, it was a small village. The Town indicates the characters of an ancient walled city having six gates namely.              (1) Lahori, (2) Kabli, (3) Kashmiri, (4) Jhamti (5) Multani (6) Multani Kohna leading to main bazaar through zigzag streets. The old town is surrounded by Circular road.

            In the past, it was a very famous town from the business point of view. Before partition, non –Muslims and had a very flourishing trade of ivory.  . After the migration, a slump occurred to this trade. Moreover, the investors, due to precariousness of floods din not establish any industry in this town and thus its development awfully hampered. The main tribes / castes are Baloch, Kalyar, Maken, Arrian and others.. The climate of the Tehsil is hot and dry in summer and dry cold in winter. Rain fall is scanty during the winter season. Maximum temperature rises above 40 degrees from May to September Through out the year there are 75% actual sun shine hours. The environs of the town consist of very good fertile land and is used for general cropping under canal irrigation. The common crops are sugar can, wheat etc. The yield is however; low to moderate on account of water shortage, top soil salinity and water logging. The town committee Sahiwal earned its status as Tehsil in 1994 and became Tehsil Municipal Administration Sahiwal in 2001 after devolution plan.

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