Tehsil Municipal Administration Piplan

Piplan derives its name from some ancient "PEEPAL" trees planted near Piplan Railway Station.. Its boundaries are connected with the Tehsils of Khushab, Mianwali, Kallur Kot and Pahar Pur (KPK) .

TMA Piplan is located at right and left banks of River Indus with a historical background. Unlike hilly Essa Khel, Piplan is plain and fertile land, rich in agriculture and trade.

Major populated areas are Piplan (Liaquat Abad) Kundian (Second Largest urban population in District Mianwali after Mianwali City) and Harnoli (2-Km from MM Road).
 Piplan City is situated at the bank of River Indus. Chashma Nuclear power Plant is constructed at Chashma, Tehsil Piplan. CJL and CRB canals also starts from Chasma Barrage in Tehsil area of Piplan..Population of TMA mostly comprise of settlers. Principle tribes of Pathans, Balouch., Jaats, Maliks, Rajpoots and Syeds settle in the premises of TMA and its surrounding villages. Major crops of the area are Moong, Cotton, Gram and Wheat.


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