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Pindi Gheb Tehsil an administrative subdivision (tehsil), of Attock District in the Punjab, Pakistan, the capital is the town of Pindi Gheb. The tehsil is administratively subdivided into 13 Union Councils, two of which form the capital - Pindi Gheb.

Tehsil Pindi Gheb lies between 330' and 33 47'N. and 71 42' and 72 40' E., with an area of 1,499 square miles. The Indus bounds it on the north-west. Its highest point lies in the Kala-Chitta range. The tahsīl is mainly a bleak, dry, undulating and often stony tract, broken by ravines, and -sloping from east to west: a country of rough scenery, sparse population, and scanty rainfall. West along the Indus are the ravines and pebble ridges which surround Makhad. Only near Pindi Gheb town does the broad bed of the Sil river show a bright oasis of cultivation among the dreary uplands which compose the rest of the tahsīl. The population in 1901 was 106,437, compared with 99,350 in 1891. It contains the town of Pindi Gheb (population, 8,452), the head-quarters; and 134 villages. The land revenue and cesses in 1903-4 amounted to 1 -9 lakhs."

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People of Pindi Gheb will have access to clean drinking water for all day long along with the provision of other facilities at their doorstep....

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