Tehsil Municipal Administration Layyah
Layyah derives its name from a wild short stature shrub of fuel-wood commonly known as Layyan (Tamarisk dieica). Since the area was first covered by the shrubs (Layyan), this name was accorded by the local population. The district name is also spelled as Leiah. Layyah was given status of district on July 1, 1982, prior to that it was a Tehsil of Muzaffargarh district.

The town was founded around 1550 by Kamal Khan, a Mirani Baloch and a descendant of the founder of Dera Ghazi Khan, the town was taken about 1610 from the Mirani rulers by the Jaskani Balochs, who held it till 1787. After that year Abdun Nabi Sarai was appointed governor by Timur Shah Durrani, but three years later it was included' in the governorship of Muhammad Khan Sadozai; who transferred his seat of government to Mankera.[3]
In 1794 Humayun Shah, the rival claimant to the throne of Kabul, was captured near Leiah and brought into the town, where his eyes were put out by order of Zaman Shah. Under the Sikh government the town once more became the centre of administration for the neighboring tract, and on the British occupation in 1849 it was for a time the head-quarters of a.District. In 1861 however, the District was broken up, and Leiah became a part of Dera Ismail Khan, but in 1901 was transferred to the new District of Mianwali. The, municipality was created in 1875. The population according to the 1901 census was 7,546. The income during the ten years ending 1902-3 averaged Rs.9,900,'and the expenditure Rs. 10,100. In 1903-4 the income was Rs. 10,600, chiefly derived from octroi; and the expenditure was Rs. 10,600. The chief industry of Leiah at that was the manufacture of blankets. The town contained a dispensary and a municipal Anglo-vernacular middle school.


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