Tehsil Municipal Administration Kahror Pacca

Kahror Pacca town is in existence prior to Lodhran and thus is the oldest town of Lodhran. It is famous for its cottage industry of printed bed sheets and embroidered shoes. Many residents of Kahror Pacca migrated to Bahawalpur state and made their name there. A fort with the name of Kehar was completed at the site (where now Kahror Pacca city is located) by Raja Kehar in the days of Amir Taimur. During the reign of Mughal emperors, it was given to Kehar Bhatti to lay the foundation of city. We find frequent mention of Kahror Pacca in the history of Multan. Kahror Pacca had been dominating the political scenes as most of the politicians belong to this area. It was given the status of a sub division w.e.f 1st July 1991. In 1875 its population was 4000. Hindus dominated the area prior to the partition. Their Pacca houses, shops, bazaars and temples are still there. A railway line was laid on its northern side in 1910 connecting it with Lodhran. The railway station of Kahror Pacca was constructed in 1937.


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