Launching of Campaign Against Gas / Electricity Theft and Implementation of Price Lists For Daily Food Items.

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The historical city of Kamalia is situated at the bank of river Ravi. The history discloses that the town was established prior to the times of Alexander the great. Preliminary it was named as Kot Kamal in the honour of the most prominent personality Kamal Khan who was the head of the Lakhera Kalan of Kharals. It is one of the oldest cities in the Punjab Province having an old mosque of Jahangiri period. It has many historical places like shrine of Hazrat Baba Fazil Dewan, Dargahi Shah, Syed Shabbir Ahmed Shah of Dholar Sharif, Saint of Qdir Bakhsh Sharif. The land of the Tehsil is plane and most of land is under cultivation. The land is very fertile, wheat, sugar cane, rice and cotton etc. are the main crops of the Tehsil. Generally the inhabitants of Tehsil are agriculturists while the business of poultry in the shape of poultry forms in different part of Tehsil is graded at No. 2  in the whole Punjab. Furthermore, the city of Kamalia is famous at the national level due to its Khaddar and hand made carpets.

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Public consultation in official decision-making is rare and generally cosmetic. I believe in positive contribution of stakeholders’ participation in the decision making process and would take all necessary measures to do so.

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