Tehsil Municipal Administration Kallur Kot

Kallur Kot is situated at distance of 60 Kilometers to the north of Bhakkar on the main railway line to Mianwali on the eastern ban of river Indus. There are live stocks Farm Ghulaman. Kallur Kot. Semen Production and Fareeda Garden at Kallur Kot . Likewise other district Tehsil has extreme climate. It is very sizzling hot during summer. The maximum temperature goes upto 42 degree centigrade and minimum to 28 degree centigrade. The hottest months are June, July and August. Winter is equally cold and frosty with maximum at 10 degree centigrade and minimum below freezing point respectively.
The Indus , by the times passes from Kallur Kot tehsil to Bhakkar Tehsil losses much of the velocity with which the water rushed from the gorge at Tehsil Kallur Koy and throughtout the Bhakkar Tehsil confines itself to more or less defined course .

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