Tehsil Municipal Administration Jhang

The early history of Jhang district is greatly circumscribed by the fact that in the nearest past, the now inhabited villages of the Chenab and Jhelum rivers were subject to continual inundations in which conditions settled habitations were impossible.
The old town, the remains of which can still be seen to the west of the present city and close to the shrine of Noor Shah said to have been founded in 1462 AD by Mal Khan, the ninth in decent from sial, was carried away by river. The present city was founded during the reign of Aurangzeb in 1688 AD by a sanyasi Fakir, Lal Nath. As a capital old sial state, Jhang had in former days comparatively more importance than at present. The principal tribes of the district are Magiana. Khokhar, Jat, Nissowana, Baloch, Gillotar, Lali, Naul, Supra, Thahim, Kathia, Sial, Syed, Qureshi and Rajput. The history of Jhang district is mainly connected with the rise and fall of the sials.

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