Tehsil Municipal Administration Jand

Jand is believed to have a long history. Evidence includes Dalo Ra-oy ka theer from which antiques for more than 2340 years old were found when the great Alexander the Greek had a decision to conquer the whole world came here he was greatly impressed and inspired by the beauty of Queen Rukhsana, then according to the legend, he married her. It is also said to have been founded about 600 years ago by one Jam, a Manik Jat. According to another account, Jam was a Chughatta who escaped from Delhi after the rest of his clan had been slain in battle. The Jakkars claim descent from him. Jand is tehsil headquarters town situated at a distance of about 5 kilometers on the north of Rajanpur. Jand is a small city located at 2938'32" N , 7035'45"E in Rajanpur District, south of Dera Ghazi Khan. It comprises an area of about 8-10 square kilometres and has a population of almost 1,20,000. The total area of the Jand Tehsil is 2,322 square kilotmeters with a total population of 485,051 as per District Census Report (DCR) 1998.

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