Tehsil Municipal Administration Hazro

Basic Data about Tehsil Hazro


Tehsil Hazro   is located between 3354’35” North Latitude and 7229’34” East Longitudes. The altitude is 361 meters, above mean sea level. Its distance from District headquarter Attock  is 20 Kilo meter.


Tehsil Hazro covers an area of 335 sq. km and  has two urban union councils,  an twelve rural union councils.

   Climate and rainfall

Hazro Tehsil falls in North West of Pakistan. There is a high level of humidity, with an average humidity of 45%. The annual rainfall averages approximately 750 mm.  The temperature varies between an average maximum of

28.9 C and average minimum of 14.7 C. The town experiences all the seasons,  however,  monsoon (rainy)  that  lasts  from late-June  to  early-October  and winter  late-December  to  early-April  dominate  the  weather  seasons .

  Topography and soil

 Tehsil Hazro has a climate of hot summers and cold winters. It is humid and is more moderate in climate. Geographically, the  Hazro is mainly  plains and have very fertile soil. The average annual rainfall is 750 mm.

  Existing land use

 The town area is mainly used for housing and commercial enterprises. Commercial activities are predominantly undertaken keeping in mind the tobacco and vegetables, which is the main income source for the people.  Hotels, recreation facilities, markets and shopping centers dominate the town. Besides this there are also some vegetable forms within the city limits.






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