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Important Places

      Gujrat city was constructed in the form of a fort and it had four gates to enter in the city of Gujrat. It was called main Gujrat and now a day it is in the center of Gujrat.

Main Gates of gujrat are:

         Shah Daula Gate (Shahdaula Darwaza) in East side of Gujrat

         Dhakki Gate (Dhaki Darwaza) in West side of Gujrat

         Sheeshiyan Wala Gate (Shishianwala Darwaza) in North side of Gujrat

         Shah Faisal Gate (Shah Faisal Darwaza) in South side of Gujrat

Famous places includes Gujrat Fort, Baouli Well, Akbari Hammam (Akbar’s Bath)


    Tomb of Kaanwan Waali Sarkaar         Univeristy of Gujrat             Over view of Gujrat


             Eid Gha Masjid Gujrat            Zamindara College Gujrat



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