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14 August 2012

Ramzan Bazaar 2012

Punjab Sports Festival 2012



Dengue Awearness

  A Rally was organized by TMA Gojra on 27th October for the rights of occupied Kashmir which was largely participated by TMA officers/ employees, various traders associations and journalists. The rally started from TMA office and after marching on different city roads culminated at the starting point. Earlier a seminar in this regard was also held in Jinnah Hall TMA, Gojra

Tehsil Municipal Officer  Muhammad Nawaz, Tehsildar Gojra and Tehsil Officer (I&S), Chief Officer TMA, Gojra welcomed the processions taken out on the eve of Eid Millad-un-Nabi (PBUH) 25.01.2013 by showering rose-petal on the participants.


 A get-together function was organized in the Lawn of TMA, Office Gojra on 28.11.2012. All the Sanitary Staff, Works Branch, Encroachment Branch & other functionaries participated. Assistant Commissioner/Administrator, Tehsil Municipal Officer, All the 4 Tehsil Officers also graced the occasion to express their deep appreciation for above staff on making best sanitation, beautification of parks/green belts and removal of encroachments on the eve of Eidul Azha and Muharramul Harram days. In the end commendation certificates were distributed to the concerned functionaries besides dinner.

 Opening Tenders ADP Schemes Dated 01.11.2012

Tehsil Officer  (I&S), TMA, Gojra

Auction of Various Leases for the year 2012-13

Dated 26.07.2012

Auction of Various Leases for the year 2012-13

Dated 10.07.2012

Opening Tenders CCB Schemes Dated 26.05.2012 ADLG Toba Tek Singh & Tehsil Officer  (I&S), TMA, Gojra

Auction of Various Leases for the year 2012-13

A Farewell Dinner on Retirement of Mr. HABIBULLAH

Head Clerk Tax TMA, Gojra Dated 24.04.2012

   Handing Over of Solid Waste Equipment to TMA, Gojra by PMDFC on 16.04.2012

ARM Roll Truck   -   1               Containers     -      13 

In the presence of Respectable and Press-Reporters Delivery of Above Equipment was made at TMA office

Millad  ul Nabi (S.A.W.W)






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