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A very important feature of the Devolution Plan is the participation and involvement of non-elected

citizens in the development process in their respective local areas. The institutional arrangements for the attainment of this objective are provided through CCBs. Section 98 of PLGO 2001, encompasses the objectives, composition and scope of CCBs as under:
“In every local area, groups of non-elected citizens may, through voluntary, proactive and self-help initiatives, set up any number of Citizen Community Boards. Such Citizen Community Boards shall be set up for the purposes of, inter alia, energizing the community for development and improvement in service delivery, development and management of a new or existing public facility, identification of development and municipal needs, mobilization of stakeholders for community involvement in the improvement and maintenance of facilities. …………..”





A TMA is bound to set apart 25% of its development budget for allocation to CCBs. The unspent CCB allocation in a financial year cannot be expended on any other development or non-development activity. The unspent CCB balance continues to accumulate and becomes available for CCB allocation in the next financial year. A TMA can provide up to 80% funds for a CCB scheme and the remaining 20% are to be arranged by CCB itself.

 Total number of registered CCBs of TMA Choubara 14 is out of which only­­­­­­­­­­­ 3 CCBs have taken up development projects whereas total projects are 11  in number. Out of these -----------initiated sub-projects, ­­­­­_________ have been physically completed and remaining is in progress. Category wise detail of sub-projects undertaken through CCBs in TMA  Bahawalnager is as follows: The details of year-wise allocation of funds for CCBs is given below:


Sr. No.


Funds Allocated

Funds Utilized
















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