Tehsil Municipal Administration Chichawatni
Chichawatni is an historic town in the Sahiwal District of Punjab province, Pakistan. It is located about 45km from the district capital - Sahiwal.
The city serves as the capital city of Chichawatni Tehsil, and is administratively subdivided into three Union Councils. The city is located at 3031'60N 7242'0E and is situated on the famous Grand Trunk Road and has an attractive railway station. With all the facilities of a large city in a small town, Chichawatni is a thriving town with very good economic growth. It is famous for its crops of wheat, cotton, sugar cane and ice cream parlours.
This small and attractive Pakistani town lies approximately 20 km from the ancient Upper Indus site of Harappa and an excellent stop-over for Tourists interested in traditional crafts and mouth-watering, delicious Pakistani cuisine. Serving many local villages, this humble but highly industrious agricultural town also boasts several colleges and institutions for higher education reflecting the town's acute emphasis on education.
Townspeople come from many different backgrounds, from poor farmers to aristocratic Zamindars (landowners) usually of upper caste Rajput, Jat, Arain, Dogar and Gujjar . Local administrators, otherwise known as "Zaildars" and "Safedposh" or "white-robed nobles", form the political elite of the town and may also be found as civil servants in most local government offices.

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