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a.        Quotation are invited for the following items from Reputed manufacturers or their authorized representatives having successful past experience  in manufacturing of following machinery,  under PPRA 2014 Clause 36 b, Single stage two envelope procedure Detail ,of PPRA Rules can be downloaded from PPRA website: interested bidders are invited to quote competitive price.

b.        All firms/suppliers are required to be registered in the Income Tax and Sales Tax Department as manufacturer and ISO Certified. Minimum  5-10 years manufacturing & satisfactory operation experience is required. (Attach proof with bid)

c.        Bidder shall provide complete technical documentation, literature, and proof of past experience & financial statements.

d.        Tender documents shall be submitted in double envelope as per PPRA Rules 2014 (36 b), technical bid will be opened on _____________   at 11:00 AM in the presence of contractors/representatives. Bidders whose technical bid will qualify, there financial bids will be opened on the same day at 11:30 AM. No Bid will be accepted after given date and time.   

e.         Bid Bond at @5% in shape of call deposit should be attached with the financial quotation for each item. The offers will remain valid for 60 days.

f.        The tax deduction shall be made according to the prescribed rules of Government of the Pakistan

g.        Detail of manufacturing unit where department can carry out inspections during manufacturing along with list of machinery and Qualified Engineering Staff must be provided along with bid

h.         Under signed is authorized to cancel or reject one or all quotations without giving any reasons.







Supply of Super Structure Sewer Suction unit 4500 Liters, Engine Driven Pump Capacity 10000-12000 LPM, 1200 RPM Truck Chassis 8.00-9.00, Horse Power 100-120 HP Hino dutro or equivalent

Detail available with TO (I&S)


Repair of Sucker & Jetting Machine



Fabrication of Bed ford fire lorry with double tank liquid foam and water tank etc.



Purchase of Sullage Pump 4 cusec discharge KSB/PECO or equivalent 1450 RPM 45ft to 50ft head with 60 BHP electric Motor. Siemens or equivalent


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