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The shrine of Hazrat Sakhi Shah Suleman (R.A) is located in Purana Bhalwal, Tehsil Bhalwal. Hazrat Sakhi Shah Suleman borne in 1508 in Baghdad, was educated by Hazrat Makhdoom Syed Shah Maroof Chisti Qadri in Khushab and then went to Syed Shah Muhammad Sherazi at Shahpur.  Then he went to different places like Chawah, Gujrat, Jammu and Kashmir to spread the word of Allah. Later he went to Afghanistan and after travelling for 1 years and teaching the people, the path of righteousness, he finally settled in Bhalwal where he spent rest of his life. He died in 1604 (27th Ramadan 1012 Hijri). The dome of the shrine was built in 1806 Hijri and later Sheikh Fazal Hussain Shah Qadri, got the construction of Mosque and shrine completed.




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