Tehsil Municipal Administration Bhalwal

 Famed for its production of citrus the sub-division Bhalwal (called California of Pakistan) was created in 1919 before which Bhera was Tehsil Headquarter. The Sub-Division has a rich cultural and social history. In the north of sub-division, River Jhelum flows. Invaders and conquerors entered sub-continent along this river. The famous character of Punjabi folklore Dhido well known as Ranjha belonged to Takhat Hazara which was part of Tehsil Bhalwal before creation of sub-division Kotmomin. The Town of Bhalwal was planned by Sir Malken Hailey, the first Colony Assistant of the said Colony. Since it was inhabited by Bhalwana tribe, it was named Mandi Bhalwal after the tribe. Originally the non-Muslim got this area by auction and started the market, hence it was called Mandi Bhalwal. After partition, the town becomes inhabited by Arrain, Kamboh, Rajputs and other minor castes.

 The old sub-division was splitted in 2003 and Tehsil Kotmomin was created. Later in 2011, Tehsil Bhera was created from Sub-division Bhalwa. So now the sub-division has an area of 124261 acres out of which 104765 is irrigated. The total population of Tehsil is 193257. Tehsil Bhalwal consists of three Revenue Circles, 18 Patwar Circles and 58 Moazajat. The climate of Tehsil is hot in summers and cold in winters with occasional rains.

 Major Khareef crops included citrus (oranges), sugarcane and rice while Rabi crops include wheat, maize and barley.

            Major industries include Noon Sugar Mills, Noon Dairy Products, Noon Textile Mills and citrus processing plants.


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