Tehsil Municipal Administration Ahmedpur East
Tehsil Municipal Administration Ahmedpur East, Bahawalpur.
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Website: www.tmaahmedpureast.com

E-mail to Administrators : administrators@tmaahmedpureast.com

E-mail to Nazim : nazim@tmaahmedpureast.com

E-mail to T.M.O : tmo@tmaahmedpureast.com

Complaint us at: complaint@tmaahmedpureast.com

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  Office Addres Phone and Fax Numbers.

Tehsil Municipal Administration Dera Nawab Road Ahmedpur East.


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Nazim Phone No. 062-2271101
T.M.O, Phone No. 062-2274449
I&S, Phone No. 062-2274207
T.A.O, Phone No 062-2271855
T.O.F, Phone No. 062-2271102
T.O.R, Phone No. 062-2271103
OfficeTMA, Phone No. 062-2274142
Fax No. 062-2274142 / 062-2274449

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